If you have met someone who you would like to get to know better, you may want to take them on a date. A first date can be very nerve-wracking as it is a chance to make a favorable first impression. Consider having your first date at one of these interesting areas instead of the standard dinner and a movie. A year from now you may be having an anniversary of your first date because of your ability to pick a spot that was able to give the two of you a great start.

An Art Gallery

Meeting your date at an art gallery gives you a chance to walk around together looking at interesting pieces, while being able to discuss them with each other. When you have a date at a movie, there is no chance for talking. At an art gallery you will have chances the entire way through. It is a chance to speak your mind about something that can be perceived in different ways, opening the lines of communication, thereby avoiding the awkwardness of wondering what to talk about. Who knows? You may even learn something while you are there.

A Circus

Everyone wants to feel like a kid again, and what better place for a first date than going to the circus when it comes to town? You will be able to feel the excitement together when being in awe of the acts, gasping in fear for some of the entertainers as they swallow a knife, twirl in the air from a suspended trapeze, or juggle sticks of fire. The thrill of the unknown will spill over to your potential date and can leave you both feeling excited to learn a little more about each other. It may give you a lot to talk about later, as well.

The Ski Slopes

Taking your date to the mountains to ski is a unique way of having a first date. You can enjoy the breathtaking beauty while having a little exercise at the same time. Have your date wait for you at the bottom of the hill and ride on the ski lift together. It is here that you will be having the more intimate interaction, while being able to give each other a little space when skiing down the slopes. When you want more time to talk, take a break for some hot chocolate. This may end up being one fun day together.