If you are looking for a unique way to hold a birthday party for your child, consider having your event at a go-kart track like 401 Mini-Indy Go-Karts. Both young and old will have a great time racing with friends, and you will be giving your child a birthday to remember for years to come. Here are some tips you can use to have your own go-kart birthday event.

Booking The Event

Call up the go-kart track to let them know you are interested in hosting a birthday party, and find out if they have special rates for this type of event. If they do not host parties, ask if it would be alright for you to pay for a group in advance. See if there is an area where your group will be able to enjoy lunch or cake and present opening. Many go-kart tracks will host the event for you, and they will have a procedure they follow when having a child’s party on the premises.

Sending Invitations

When sending out invitations to your child’s friends, print out a map of the establishment where the event is going to be held so that parents can easily find the go-kart track. You may want to let people know to wear comfortable clothing so that the children will be able to enjoy the ride without risking having pieces of their apparel get stuck in gears or doors of the cars. Have everyone wear sneakers so that they will be able to use the gas pedals without hurting their feet.

Enjoying The Party

When everyone arrives at the go-kart track, you will want to go over rules before having any of the children board the cars. Common courtesy should be used by all people involved in the party, including not bumping into other cars and not getting upset at slower drivers. Have someone from the go-kart track give instructions on how to operate the cars so that all the children are aware of what they will need to do when they get inside their go-kart.

Have your group use the go-kart track at the same time so you do not lose any members that are at the party. Let the operator know how many times you would like the children to use the track and then dismiss yourselves for cake and presents. You may break up the event in two sessions so that the children will be able to go back to the track after the gifts have all been opened.