As a company owner, putting together corporate events is a great way to get all employees together and talk about future plans and directions you would like to see the company move forward with. However, corporate events shouldn’t be so cut and dry. These events should be a time when your employees are able to get together and let loose a little bit in order to get their creative minds flowing. It shouldn’t feel as if they are still at work in the office. Here are five tips to consider in order to host an entertaining corporate event:

  1. Find a Comedian: During the break from meetings, you should consider having employees sit down in the conference room and enjoy some entertainment provided by a local comedian. If this sounds like the best option for entertainment for your event, you should consider renting out a meeting space that has a stage for the comedian to use
  2. Set up a Photo Booth:  A great way to get employees to mingle with one another is to set up a photo booth. Your employees will be able to take memorable pictures with one another. You should even consider adding some fun props for your employees to use when they take their photos, such as fake mustaches, feather boas, and more. 
  3. Put Together a Game Show: One strategic way to enforce team building in your employees is to set up a game show game to play at the corporate event. Employees can divide up into teams and you can host the quiz show similar to jeopardy or other television game shows and the questions can reflect around your company morals and ideas. 
  4. Have Enough Food: In order for your employees to stay well entertained, you want them to be well fed. When attending any event, people can easily become bored when they are hungry. Be sure that you have appetizers followed by a main course, which is then followed by a dessert. On top of this, you want to be sure that there is enough to drink, including water for every guest. 
  5. Hire a DJ: If your corporate event is more laid back with some alcohol included, you should consider hiring a DJ to bring everyone to the dance floor. This way, employees can get together and have a great time. This is a great option when you are celebrating an important change in your company or if you are celebrating a goal you have achieved. 

When you consider these five tips for hosting an entertaining corporate event, you can be sure that everyone is thoroughly entertained and are able to bond with one another as employees should. Contact a local entertainer, like Charlie’s Pride Ponies, for more ideas.