5 Tips For Hosting An Entertaining Corporate Event

As a company owner, putting together corporate events is a great way to get all employees together and talk about future plans and directions you would like to see the company move forward with. However, corporate events shouldn’t be so cut and dry. These events should be a time when your employees are able to get together and let loose a little bit in order to get their creative minds flowing. It shouldn’t feel as if they are still at work in the office. Here are five tips to consider in order to host an entertaining corporate event:

  1. Find a Comedian: During the break from meetings, you should consider having employees sit down in the conference room and enjoy some entertainment provided by a local comedian. If this sounds like the best option for entertainment for your event, you should consider renting out a meeting space that has a stage for the comedian to use
  2. Set up a Photo Booth:  A great way to get employees to mingle with one another is to set up a photo booth. Your employees will be able to take memorable pictures with one another. You should even consider adding some fun props for your employees to use when they take their photos, such as fake mustaches, feather boas, and more. 
  3. Put Together a Game Show: One strategic way to enforce team building in your employees is to set up a game show game to play at the corporate event. Employees can divide up into teams and you can host the quiz show similar to jeopardy or other television game shows and the questions can reflect around your company morals and ideas. 
  4. Have Enough Food: In order for your employees to stay well entertained, you want them to be well fed. When attending any event, people can easily become bored when they are hungry. Be sure that you have appetizers followed by a main course, which is then followed by a dessert. On top of this, you want to be sure that there is enough to drink, including water for every guest. 
  5. Hire a DJ: If your corporate event is more laid back with some alcohol included, you should consider hiring a DJ to bring everyone to the dance floor. This way, employees can get together and have a great time. This is a great option when you are celebrating an important change in your company or if you are celebrating a goal you have achieved. 

When you consider these five tips for hosting an entertaining corporate event, you can be sure that everyone is thoroughly entertained and are able to bond with one another as employees should. Contact a local entertainer, like Charlie’s Pride Ponies, for more ideas.

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Tips For Protecting Your DJ Gear

If you have taken the time to purchase the equipment you need to be a DJ, chances are good that you have invested a lot of money into becoming a DJ. Getting a quality system and decent sound mixing equipment is not a cheap endeavor. As a result, you are going to want to make sure that the equipment that you purchased lasts as long as possible. Here are some protection tips for your DJ equipment.

1. Backup Your Files

First, you are going to need to backup any mixes that you plan on playing at an event. There are three ways that you should backup your music. The first is save it to an external hard drive. Having an external hard drive with a live copy of your music files will allow you to ensure that you are able to plug it into any laptop should yours fail. The second place is to a cloud-based storage system. This will allow you to play your files on your laptop even if the local files become corrupted. Finally, you want to burn your set to a mix CD as a final form of protection against something going terribly wrong.

2. Get Your Tech Higher Up

When you arrive on the scene, you are going to want to check out the DJ booth for the optimal setup. When you are setting up your equipment, do everything you can to get the tech equipment, such as you laptop, as high up as possible, while putting your amps and sound systems lower on the platform. The reason for this is that amps are less easily ruined by drinks, whereas a spilled glass of water can tank a laptop. Gravity forces the flow of liquid down, so if you have your tech high up, there’s less of a chance of a spilled drink wreaking havoc on your set.

3. Get a Metal Case

If you can afford it, consider purchasing a metal case for your laptop. There are many companies that sell metal cases in standard sizes. When you are DJing, you can simply open up the case and it will protect your laptop from any incoming projectiles, which is helpful if you’re at an especially wild party.

4. Use Gaffer’s Tape

Finally, go online and purchase gaffer’s tape. Gaffer’s tape is a special type of tape that you can use to secure all of your cords to the floor or the walls in order to prevent anyone from tripping on them and dragging your equipment off the table. This will allow you to avoid a possible laptop or other tech dump.

For more information, talk to an entertainment company, such as DJ services by James Grant Productions.

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The Most Famous Canadian Comedians That Started In Sketch Comedy

Some of the most famous people in show business hail from the great country of Canada. This includes many entertainers who have made it big from Canadian comedy clubs to some of the biggest shows in sketch comedy in America. There are few comics that have launched to super-stardom the way these guys have:

Jim Carrey Blossomed on In Living Color

Although the show In Living Color was only around a few years, most people who remember the nineties remember the show. It was the only sketch show to rival the ratings of Saturday Night Live. This is where where Jim Carrey first demonstrated is wide-range of physical comedic skills, and he become a household name. The show launched him into several major movies that were major box office hits, such as Ace Ventura and The Mask. In terms of pure financial success, there aren’t any other Canadian comics that have been paid 20 million and more for one film.

Mike Myers Transitioned Nicely From SNL

Similar to Jim Carrey, Mike Myers was able to launch from SNL into major movie roles. The main difference, however, is that his major career launchpad was based off of a sketch from SNL–Wayne’s World. The movie was one of the largest grossing, comedic films of the nineties, and it sent Mike Myers and his co-start, Dana Carvey, into a whole new realm of fame. Mike Myers was able to accomplish what many American SNL alumni did and launch a big movie career based on sketch-like characters that you’d find on shows like SNL. His financial success is similar to Jim Carrey’s. Even though he hasn’t had the big, single movie paychecks, his overall net worth exceeds Carrey’s by about 25 million.

Dan Ackroyd was a Pioneer of Sketch Comedy Success

For someone who was very religious at a young age and considered the Priesthood as a career, Dan Ackroyd’s success in comedy may be an unlikely story. He was one of the pioneers of SNL as one of the original members of the cast when the show launched. Like Myers, he successfully used his characters from the show, particularly The Coneheads, to make a mega box office movie. Ackroyd has enjoyed a lot of success in and out of comedy, having been the member of an award winning blues band and being nominated for an Oscar in a serious movie role. He’s spent a lot of time as a supporting actor, but he’s also had a great deal of financial success.

There are a lot of other very successful Canadian comedians, many of which have had a lot of movie and financial success, but few have had the impact of the above-mentioned comics, especially when coming up from a career that started on a sketch-comedy show.

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Hosting A Go-Kart Birthday Party

If you are looking for a unique way to hold a birthday party for your child, consider having your event at a go-kart track like 401 Mini-Indy Go-Karts. Both young and old will have a great time racing with friends, and you will be giving your child a birthday to remember for years to come. Here are some tips you can use to have your own go-kart birthday event.

Booking The Event

Call up the go-kart track to let them know you are interested in hosting a birthday party, and find out if they have special rates for this type of event. If they do not host parties, ask if it would be alright for you to pay for a group in advance. See if there is an area where your group will be able to enjoy lunch or cake and present opening. Many go-kart tracks will host the event for you, and they will have a procedure they follow when having a child’s party on the premises.

Sending Invitations

When sending out invitations to your child’s friends, print out a map of the establishment where the event is going to be held so that parents can easily find the go-kart track. You may want to let people know to wear comfortable clothing so that the children will be able to enjoy the ride without risking having pieces of their apparel get stuck in gears or doors of the cars. Have everyone wear sneakers so that they will be able to use the gas pedals without hurting their feet.

Enjoying The Party

When everyone arrives at the go-kart track, you will want to go over rules before having any of the children board the cars. Common courtesy should be used by all people involved in the party, including not bumping into other cars and not getting upset at slower drivers. Have someone from the go-kart track give instructions on how to operate the cars so that all the children are aware of what they will need to do when they get inside their go-kart.

Have your group use the go-kart track at the same time so you do not lose any members that are at the party. Let the operator know how many times you would like the children to use the track and then dismiss yourselves for cake and presents. You may break up the event in two sessions so that the children will be able to go back to the track after the gifts have all been opened.

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Native Indian Art Conveys A Story

Browse the beautiful Native Indian art world and you will find it replete with fascinating pieces of high quality, vivid colors, and authentic touches. But what many are surprised to find is that there are stories behind the art. Most art work is known for beauty or statement; the authentic artwork of Native Indians, however, will nearly always tell a story as well.


Much Native Indian artwork tells stories from mythology. From creation myths to the power of the wind, from women who become mountains to waterfalls representing tears or veils, the stories of the Native Indians show up in their artwork. Skywoman, in all her various forms coming from the mythologies of numerous tribes, is a popular choice in Native Indian artwork. From carvings of trees on turtles’ backs–representing the part of the story where Skywoman lives on a great turtle’s back before land is created for her–to beautiful paintings of Skywoman talking with the animals who helped her to survive, mythology-based artwork shows an interesting part of Native Indian stories.


The many fruit-depicting still-lifes that novice artists practice their craft on aren’t like still-lifes in Native Indian art, where the simplicity of corn can tell a story. Many Native Indian cultures have stories of corn coming to the people. Called “Indian Corn” or “Green Corn” or “Maize”, the corn in artwork represents the blessings of having struggled and prevailed in life. This idea comes from the story of Wunzh who fasted for seven days, and in his visions wrestled with another brave and prevailed. The brave told Wunzh to bury him and corn would grow from the ground that he was buried in. Corn can also represent Corn Goddesses who represent the fertility of the land and people.


Another popular theme in Native Indian art is the concept of Nationhood. Many people don’t understand that Native peoples are part of sovereign nations unto themselves. The art, however, shows this in vivid ways. Often, Native Indian art shows the strength of their past when they conquered others or prevailed against invaders. Or the art will depict a specific animal to represent the nation and the animal will be shown with specific native art techniques, showcasing the Nation’s individuality and purpose.

The art coming from Native Indian Nations today is an effort to combine the stories that make them who they are with modern sensibilities of who they can become. Current Native Indian art wants to throw off the shackles of prejudice and stereotype, and so often portrays simple humanity so that everyone can understand something more about themselves. For more information, speak to experts, like those at Cheryl’s Trading Post.

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Interesting Places To Hold A First Date

If you have met someone who you would like to get to know better, you may want to take them on a date. A first date can be very nerve-wracking as it is a chance to make a favorable first impression. Consider having your first date at one of these interesting areas instead of the standard dinner and a movie. A year from now you may be having an anniversary of your first date because of your ability to pick a spot that was able to give the two of you a great start.

An Art Gallery

Meeting your date at an art gallery gives you a chance to walk around together looking at interesting pieces, while being able to discuss them with each other. When you have a date at a movie, there is no chance for talking. At an art gallery you will have chances the entire way through. It is a chance to speak your mind about something that can be perceived in different ways, opening the lines of communication, thereby avoiding the awkwardness of wondering what to talk about. Who knows? You may even learn something while you are there.

A Circus

Everyone wants to feel like a kid again, and what better place for a first date than going to the circus when it comes to town? You will be able to feel the excitement together when being in awe of the acts, gasping in fear for some of the entertainers as they swallow a knife, twirl in the air from a suspended trapeze, or juggle sticks of fire. The thrill of the unknown will spill over to your potential date and can leave you both feeling excited to learn a little more about each other. It may give you a lot to talk about later, as well.

The Ski Slopes

Taking your date to the mountains to ski is a unique way of having a first date. You can enjoy the breathtaking beauty while having a little exercise at the same time. Have your date wait for you at the bottom of the hill and ride on the ski lift together. It is here that you will be having the more intimate interaction, while being able to give each other a little space when skiing down the slopes. When you want more time to talk, take a break for some hot chocolate. This may end up being one fun day together.

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Once, the act of having your appearance copied was only for the rich and famous. A person instructed in painting, specially oil painting, would sketch, then paint, the person who he or she was commissioned to make a portrait for. The model would go for a few sittings, and although the result might take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, a masterpiece representing the subject would emerge. In fact, in the hierarchy of genres, the portrait rated second after history paintings. The amount of detail that went into making a person come to life, as well as the background, required considerable education. Learn about the portrait and all that was involved in its creation.


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